DISAB TrailerVAC™ SDW-3.5T

This is a semi-mobile diesel powered vacloader equipped with built-in hydraulic tipping system. It can be towed by a 3.5 ton vehicle on public roads. It is perfect for handling both wet and dry materials and most often used in industrial applications where collection of dust is required.

Core Functions : Suction, Discharge (Big-bag)
Usage : Dry materials, Wet materials, Outdoor

Read more : https://www.disab.com/images/pm/20/ENG-20.pdf

Technical Description

Vacuum pump three-lobe rotary pump
Max vacuum, mbar 500
Max overpressure, mbar N/A
Air volume m3/h (unloaded) 2650
Operation speed (rpm) 2200
Power 46
Voltage Frequency, V/Hz N/A
Tank volume (m3)* 1
Total tank volume 2,5m3
Power source Diesel
Engine type 3B
Tank material
Tank tipping Hydraulic lifting system. discharge is hydraulically operated and closed.
Main filter system (m2) 13
Safety filter surface(m2) 8
Cooling air
Atex N/A

Weight and Dimensions**

Complete unit (including chassis) 3 500kg
Total unit length including tuck chassis 5 700mm
Total width 2 300mm
Height (incl. hose boom) 4 100mm

*Excluding filter volume
**Weights and dimensions are approximate and dependant of chassis and the vacuum unit equipment.