DISAB Vacturion™ TD4

This is a semi-mobile, diesel powered vacloader fitted onto a trailer chassis. Its flexible discharging feature makes it particularly suitable for handling dry materials and collecting bulky or fibrous/sticky materials. Limited add-ons available.

Core Functions : Suction, Discharge (Built-in tipping cylinder)
Usage : Dry materials, Wet materials, Outdoor

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Technical Description

Vacuum pump three-lobe rotary pump
Max vacuum, mbar 500
Max overpressure, mbar N/A
Air volume m3/h (unloaded) 3020
Operation speed (rpm)
Power 58
Voltage Frequency, V/Hz N/A
Tank volume (m3)* 0,18
Total tank volume m3
Power source Diesel
Engine type 3B
Tank material
Tank tipping Hydraulic cylinder, single acting system. Hydraulically operated and locked tailgate as add-on.
Main filter system (m2) 18
Safety filter surface(m2) 20
Cooling air
Atex On request

Weight and Dimensions**

Complete unit (including chassis) 4 900kg
Total unit length including tuck chassis 5 400mm
Total width 2 500mm
Height (incl. hose boom) 2 700mm

*Excluding filter volume
**Weights and dimensions are approximate and dependant of chassis and the vacuum unit equipment.