Centurion™ LN

DISAB Vacloader LN, also called industrial vacuum truck, is equipped with a separate diesel engine, offering some unique benefits:

Reduced operational costs based on local fuel taxation regulations
Low noise levels due to the insulation of the engine housing
The vacuum equipment operates independently of the truck unit
Our CENTURION™ LN on a truck or semi-trailer can be ordered with suction-only or with the full ‘suck and blow’ operation, and is used in all types of industries where the handling (spillage cleaning) of wet or dry material is essential.

Some key features and capabilities:

Tank volume can be10, 12 or 14m3
You can choose between suction-only operation, or a full suck and blow capability
The collected material can be emptied into ‘big-bags’, euro-bags, containers, skips or recycled back into the process
A fully flexible hose boom combined with flexible suction hoses and pipes makes almost all areas and spaces accessible
Low noise level, essential in busy areas with noise regulations, or where there are residential areas nearby.

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