Disab group

Keeping dust and spillages under control in any industrial site is a major task, especially when it comes to maintaining and achieving high standards of H&S and environmental performance.

This is the rationale behind the DISAB Group. For over 35 years, the Group has designed and manufactured market-leading industrial applications using vacuum-based technology, creating innovative and highly efficient solutions for all types of industries throughout Europe.

The DISAB Group’s own development is based on creating long term relationships, encouraging professional curiosity and striving to make constant improvements. This has resulted in an enviable list of customers that are happy to share and collaborate with our own staff.

The DISAB Group has grown organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions. Today we are a European-wide organization that is genuinely customer-focused and ready for the future.

The DISAB Group is a decentralized organization, aiming to focus our strengths, flexibility, experience and expertise to the benefit of our customers.

DISAB is a group that believes first and foremost in customer focus and long term relationships. We aim to build trust between the members of our own organization, but we know it has to be earned between the DISAB Group and our customers. We have learned that research and development comes from close cooperation with, and listening to, our customers, stimulated by an environment that encourages professional curiosity and a commitment to constant improvement.

Temper these organizational drivers with a natural sense of pride, passion and fun, and you’ll understand what makes the DISAB Group what it is today, and what it wants to be tomorrow.

The DISAB Group offers cost efficient solutions for industries whose processes involve handling wet or dry materials, and have to deal with spillages, dust build up, waste management or material recycling.

Based on our experience in vacuum-based technology and our expertise in designing industrial applications, the DISAB Group’s equipment is used every day to clean plant, remove and recycle spillages, transport and recycle all sorts of valuable materials, and achieve higher standards of Health & Safety in our working environments.

Our mission is to provide dust-free industrial environments. Our vision is to be the leader in our field.