Mobile Vacuum Systems

Our mobile vacuum systems enable all kinds of waste management and fulfill all materials handling requirements regardless whether it is wet or dry. Regardless of its consistency, any material that is capable of fitting into an 8” hose can be handled by our vacloaders. The design provides unique usability with the highest performance exceeding 90% vacuum efficiency and delivering up to 200 kW of suction power. The powerful suction capacity makes it possible to transport material long distance, both horizontally and vertically through hoses and piping systems. The modern rotary pump’s capacity of up to 10 000 m3/h combined with the unique filter and an overall design to reduce the internal resistance in the machine, all adds up to an outstanding performance.

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Multiple Applications

The DISAB vacloaders are engineered and built to meet the highest market demands in the most challenging industrial environments. Our vacloaders have the ability to serve multiple applications in the everyday demands of various industries for collecting, transporting, and recovering materials.
Our mobile vacuum systems are available with different features such as: suck only / suck & blow / suck & blow + ADR transport. There are also different options for discharge and choice to decide between separate engine drive or to have the machine powered by the truck’s engine.

Two Product Lines

We offer two different product lines for our mobile vacuum systems; a DISAB Centurion™ vacloader gives you maximum flexibility with unlimited add-ons available whereas a DISAB Vacturion™ vacloader is more of a standard solution with limited add-ons available. Regardless if your choice is DISAB Centurion™ or DISAB Vacturion™, we always offer our Learn to Earn certified training; learning how to safely and most efficiently operate the machine.

DISAB Product Matrix

Below you will find more information about our different vacloader models. Klick on the Read More button for additional images and technical information. You also have the option to compare up to 3 models to each other by selecting the Compare button (not available on mobile phone devices).
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