Magnum 72 Road Planing

Even the toughest of contractor applications are no match for Scarab’s Magnum 72! As showcased in this video captured on a customer demonstration, the Magnum 72 has been expertly designed to deliver exceptional performance across a spectrum of sweeping applications – making even the hardest of tasks, such as collecting road planings, look easy! This machine is fitted with Scarab’s high-speed fan solution which is positioned in the roof of the hopper to create a highly efficient, short airflow path. The result? Outstanding suction performance that allows the machine to effortlessly pick up large planings, while also reducing the noise in the cab for the operator and at ground level for the surrounding workforce. Coupling this with its highly functional and flexible sweep configuration, and large 7.2 cubic metre hopper, the Magnum 72 is a leading choice for contractors looking to achieve excellent results and extreme on-task endurance. To discover more about the Magnum 72, or to arrange a demonstration with a member of the team, visit: ScarabSweepers LeaveNothingBehind