RAVO’s Water Recycling Option

Controlling and reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances, the use of green energy, and waste of water and fuels is a permanent aim within RAVO. This also applies to the RAVO sweeper itself. RAVO sweepers consume as little water as possible thanks to its ingenious built-in water recycling system. During sweeping, the water is circulated from the hopper to the suction nozzle and back again. This results in more efficient use of the water during sweeping. By this means, the RAVO is able to sweep longer and unnecessary waste of clean water will be prevented. Also, the water recycling system significantly reduces the emission of particulates. The water recycling option is available on the RAVO 5 eSeries (electric) and RAVO 5 iSeries (diesel). Watch the video below and get in touch with your local RAVO dealer for more information! ravo fayat streetsweeper sustainability